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In 2016 five cultural workers were frustrated by collaborative working. We wanted a tool to openly and critically talk about process.
So, we made COTT.

Since then many other cultural workers have lent us their expertise and support to enable us to take the project further. We are now ready to share this tool with you. We are:

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Ania Bas is an artist and writer. Through her practice, she explores how narratives shape understanding, mythology and knowledge of places and people.


Her work takes diverse forms of text, events, walks, performances, useful objects and publications. She creates situations that support dialogue and she investigates ways of working, making and thinking together.


Sophie Hope works as a lecturer at Birkbeck, the University of London in the Film, Media and Cultural Studies Department.


Her practice-based action research explores criticality as and at work in order to challenge dominant neo-liberal narratives of well-being and contribute to the theory, practice and policy of cultural democracy as an alternative cultural paradigm.

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Siân Hunter Dodsworth is an educator, researcher and evaluator based in the UK and Mexico. Her collaborations with communities frequently explore the role of artistic and cultural practice in the construction of collective resistance, political memory and identity.


She is an experienced museum professional and anthropologist, specialising in co-curation and co-production as part of social justice initiatives.


Sophie Mallett is an artist, filmmaker and educator working at the intersection of affect, politics and value. Her work acknowledges clandestine societal norms, complicity and dysfunctional ethics.


Educated at Open School East, LCC and Sydney Conservatorium of Music, her practice is both interdisciplinary and collaborative, with a reflexive emphasis on how individuals work together.

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Henry Mulhall is a practice-based PhD student at Birkbeck, University of London.


His research looks at how constellations of practice form between art organisations and community groups in Plymouth, UK. He has worked with the COTT team since 2018. 

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